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March 2018:

 Fair Product List


July 2014:

  • Representation of Austrian Paltentaler Minerals has been taken. Their main products are Pure Talc (intalc) and Specific Fillers (incomp, indolo, inbond, inzeo series) obtained from different minerals by a special mixture and serve to different sectors with a wide assortment.

March 2014:

  • Nanokim become the representitive of Korean Dansuk company for high quality Zinc/Calcium Stearate products.

February 2014:

  • Our partnership is started with Bulgarian Orgachim company for PA-Phthalic Anhydride product.

January  2014:

  • Nanokim become the representitive of British Lambson Limited company for photoinitiators  which has wide product range to UV coating sector.

December 2013:

  • Our partnership is started with Indian DRC Resins company which has wide product range for acrylic polyol resins, phenolic resins, thermoplastic acrylic resins and polyurethane resins &hardener products.

September 2013:

  • In TURKCOAT exhibition between 12-14 September, we were excited and happy to meet with our precious customers and distributors with the chance to introduce our new products which added in our portfolio. With our company started with First Step for Endless Cooperation motto, we thank from our bottom of heart to all our customers which helped our grow from our foundation.

May 2013:

  • Nanokim become the representitive of Norwegian Mircobeads AS for additive spherebeads especially used in matt effect paints.

April 2013:

  • Nanokim become the representitive of the world’s leading company, Japanese Mitsui Chemicals for high performance water based polyurethane resins and isocyanate hardeners.

March 2013:

  • Nanokim become the representitive of Aakash Chemicals which is a specialist in Organic Pigments, Ketonic Resins and PVB Resins. They have manufacturing plants and laboratories in India and U.S.A.  The sales for these products started.

February 2013:

  • Nanokim become the representative of German Straetmans High Tac which gives tailor made solutions to customers for anticorrosive paints and coatings. The sales for liquid anticorrosive additives started.

December 2012:

  • Nanokim become the representitive of one of the USA prominent companies, Hengye USA,  with its wide range of products for Syntethic Zeolites.

November 2012:

  • Nanokim become the representative of Swiss VB Technochemicals SA for Precipitated Baryte (Blancfix) and Lithopone products. Their sales has begun.

October 2012:

  • In direction of market demands, we started to supply Iron Oxide products as world quality standarts.

September 2012:

  • As Nanokim Family, we took our place in one of the most important organizations of the sector, PaintIstanbul12 between 13-15 September 2012 at CNR EXPO. In our successful exhibition, we plant first seeds of new business opportunities with our valuable business partners and suppliers.  

August 2012:

  • Nanokim Kimya put in motion the decision for being in pigment market. Nanokim became Turkish representitive of the Vibfast which is one of the leading manufacturers in India with a wide range of products including phtalo blue and green, organic yellow, organic red and inorganic pigments.  

  • Nanokim Kimya became the representitive of Danish Kemitura which is manufacturer of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Fumed Silica products.

June 2012:

  • Nanokim Kimya has become Turkish representitive of Belgian Proviron which has products for broad range of sectors like Plastic, Paint and Adhesives.

April 2012:

  • Nanokim Kimya made an important addition to continue it’s progress in paper sector by becoming Turkish distributor of German CTP GmbH company which has special cost reducer products.

March 2012:

  • Nanokim become Turkish representative of Italian Siliconi S.P.A for defoamer and water repellents in paint sector. With this, we expanded and strengthened our product range. We started to sell new products defoamers and water repellents.

February 2012:

  • With our first orders, Hydoxy Ethyl Cellulose(HEC) products are in our stocks.

December 2011:

  • Nanokim become Turkish representative of Italian Barzaghi Srl.  With this, we added European origin HEC product to our portfolio which has not much alternative in the market. We started to sell new products Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose and Strach Ethers.

November 2011:

  • Nanokim become Turkish representative of Austrian Lithos Industrial Minerals . Lithos is producing special Talks for polyester putty and Zeolit for special application.

  • Our booth has been located in PaintÝstanbul 2012 which is one of the most important exhibition of paint sector.

October 2011:

  • Nanokim met it’s customers in TURKCOAT 2011 with its new team and global partners, and had chance to promote new products to big audiences. We would like to thank to all our precious customers who visited us at our booth… Nanokim will continue to walk it’s path by certain steps; with its partners, growing team and biggest supporter  who are precious customers, …


Jully 2011:

  • Winds of evolution at Nanokim!!! Nanokim moved to new office in Kurtköy with its new team.


May 2011:

  • Our NANTONITE as Rheological Additive sales have been started for low, medium and high polarity systems.

  • We added POWDER POLYMER (standart & elastic types) into our product portfolio from Far East.

April 2011:

  • Company decided to participate to Turkcoat 2011 exhibition which will held on 6-8 October 2011.


March 2011:

  • Nanokim Kimya attended the European Coating Show (2011) with its new face and reached the expected success from this visit by significant Representations!!!

  • We as Nanokim became Turkish distributor of IPOX CHEMICALS Germany – special epoxy hardeners & reactive diluents.

  • We also added King’s Ceramics Chemicals - Zirkonium Beads company into our representatives.

  • New products from Europe such as defoamers, dispersion agents and aluminium paste added into our product portfolio.

  • Our ANTICORROSIVE PIGMENTS(ALUMINIUM TRIPHOSPHATE) has been started for water and solvent based systems.


September 2010:

  • We participated to China Coat Show to enter with new products for 2011 season.

  • Nanokim Kimya thanks and regards to you for visiting our stand in Paint Ýstanbul 2010(23-26 Eylül) Exibition Hall B2, no. B284. We wanted to thank you for your support, ideas for improvement of variation of our products and causing a love for service. We will continue to do the best we can for you esteemed Nanokim Customers.

July 2010:

  • After the visit of Greece, Atapulgit sales started

June 2010:

  • Exportation of the minerals like calcium carbonate and talc powder which has got very important and valuable share in the world; had been started for Europe .

April 2010:

  • Silicone division opened by the distribution inception of KCC-Korea’s silicone rubber products.

December 2009:

  • Nanokim Kimya company, seller of raw materials to paint and chemical sectors with foreign distributions, taken over by ONAT family, who are deep rooted in the sector, on December 2009.